Christopher Kind started DJing professionally in 1993 and has been one of Atlanta’s most versatile and diverse DJs. Chris has never limited himself to one particular genre or crowd. Chris’ signature sound is a culmination of of his experience with different crowds and different sounds. Chris believes the true mark of a DJ is being able to reach out to crowds and touch them where they are at and then take them somewhere they would never normally go… and like it. While some DJs believe that if the crowd doesn’t like what they are playing the crowd just doesn’t “get it,” Chris has a very different take on introducing people to new sounds. He believes it’s the DJ’s job to take them on a journey from a place that they know to somewhere new.

Chris’ musical diversity has led to opening spots for diverse range of artists including Blaq Audio, Thrill Kill Kult, Apocolyptica, Third Eye Blind, & RuPaul, events such as Midtown Music Festival, and doing events for high profile companies like Accenture (formerly Anderson Consulting), E-Trade, Smithkline Beecham & Microsoft. What is significant about the clubs Chris has played at is not the number of clubs, but rather the number of clubs where he has held extended residencies. Chris has had over ten weekly residencies that exceeded a year or more, many of which were more than one day a week

Chris’ inspiration to DJ did not come from a desire to be famous but rather from the pure facination with manipulating music and people with records. By far D’as Wright and Yvonne Monet were the most influential people in Chris’ DJ career. Yvonne Monet (now on Dave FM) did the “Beat Factory” and later “Accelerator” mix shows on 99x in Atlanta. Yvonne’s ability to take you places you never thought you would go mesmerized Chris. It was always a journey and you were more interested in the trip than the final destination. Before the era of affordable high powered computers DJs had to do their remixes with two copys of a record and they had to do it live. D’as made it look (and sound) effortless. He could rearrange a song at will and combine 3 different mixes of the same song and make it sound like it was done in the studio instead of on a couple of turntables and DJ mixer.

From the outset Chris was interested in remix and production. Throughout the late 90’s and early 2000’s Chris gradually added equipment to a project studio. Over the years Chris has remained busy doing remixes for a wide range of dance acts including Joi Cardwell, William Control, (Wil Francis of Aiden),Kimbu Kimra, & Cidney Mills, making mix CDs, DJ edits, and mashups

A list of clubs played (but probably not all…). Blake’s on the Park, Backstreet, Armory, Jungle, Burkhart’s, Felix’s on the Square, The Oscars, Cockpit, Masquerade, World Bar, Revolution, Spectrum, The Otherside, Mary’s, & Red Chair.

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