The person I was most honored to meet at Winter Music Conference Pt. 1

Winter Music Conference in it’s early days was a who’s who of dance music in a very laid back setting in it’s earlier years. There was a time when it was only people who genuinely enjoyed the craft attended and there was not much separation between the nobodys (like me) and the top notch dance DJs and dance music producers from around the world. Regrettably now it’s pretty much a big rave with a mass of trainspotting wannabes trying to get a glimpse of people they idolize for their stardom and not their talent. You don’t get randomly hit on poolside by someone like Keoki (yeah it happened but no I didn’t) or sit on a lounge chair and talk to a legend like Danny Teneglia. In the early years your badge got you into just about every party worth going to. There were no velvet ropes because there were no starfuckers. Out of all the people I met at WMC in my years of attending the one that meant the most was Bob Etsy. Yeah most of you don’t know is, just so happens he was one of the producers of Donna Summers “Last Dance.” In my next post I’ll tell you the story behind meeting him that made it mean so much to me

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