How the iPod ruined music…

People who know me can attest to my belly aching about how I think audio engineers are mastering music for ear buds and that is why the bass has become non-existent along with the fact that music has been put through so many volume maximizers that it no longer sounds good. Turns out there is a name for this phenomenon and it’s called the “loudness wars.” Just Google it. Some of my current favorite dance tracks have utterly butchered by this… The Tiesto Mix of Passion Pit’s “Carried Away” is a prime example of this. I love the song but it is almost unplayable at the club as the amplification underscores just how bad they ruined it. Here is a video that best describes what is happening. They start with Michael Jackson’s Thriller which didn’t suffer to bad from the re-mastering with this technique, but at the two minute mark is where how ugly it has made some music becomes very apparent.

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